The needs of the skin change over the course of a 24-hour day, especially in relation to luminosity and temperature. Miraclar helps you adapt your facial care by choosing the right day and night cream for you.

A day cream for protection

As soon as you wake up, your skin will be subjected to several external aggressions such as air pollution, cold, sun and many others. Moreover, these attacks are not the same in urban areas as in the countryside. It is therefore very important to choose the right day cream to give your face all the protection it needs. Formulas enriched with protective and nutritive agents help to properly moisturize the skin and fight against free radicals, UV rays, freshness...


Optimal protection with tailor-made cosmetics from Miraclar


Miraclar's day cream is composed of a mixture of lipids and marine collagen that will create a protective barrier on the face to prevent external aggressions from acting. With its creamy texture, this treatment offers ideal nutrition to the skin, which regains suppleness and firmness. Indeed, thanks to the soluble form of collagen, the elasticity of the skin tissue is reinforced so that it can better absorb the active ingredients present in the cream and preserve a certain hydration of the skin. It also has an anti-oxidant power to combat pollution.


A night cream for repair

After a long day, the most important step is first of all to remove make-up and cleanse the face. This involves removing all the impurities accumulated since waking up before applying your night cream. This will then penetrate more effectively into the skin for a deep regenerating action. At night, cell renewal takes place and blood circulation is stimulated, allowing better absorption of the rich nutrients that make up the thick formulas. It is therefore important to adapt your facial care according to the day.


A restorative night thanks to Miraclar

Miraclar's night cream has shea butter, avocado oil and floral waters of calendula and chamomile. Its formula soothes the skin when applied for a fresh and comfortable feeling, very pleasant at the end of the day. This tailor-made cosmetic also preserves the uniformity and radiance of the complexion, as well as the suppleness of the face. Composed of organic silicon and vitamin E, it provides the nutrition and hydration that the epidermis needs to regenerate itself during the night.


It is essential to use skin care products adapted to the skin's requirements according to the time of day. A day cream protects it from external aggressions, while a night cream allows it to repair itself properly. Miraclar's products are perfect for giving the face what it really needs.


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