Do cosmetic products have an effect on health ?

The answers to your questions about the possible health effects of cosmetics can be found in this article! All you have to do is read it to understand the why and the how.

Do cosmetic products have an effect on health?

 There is a saying that you have to suffer to be beautiful. True, but only to a certain extent! Several controversies have recently tarnished the image of certain cosmetic products. The controversy stems from the ingredients, now considered harmful to health, contained in several formulas. So, what are the real links between the care you apply to your skin and your state of health? What substances should you be wary of? And what are the components to be preferred? Which solutions to turn to?

 Are cosmetic products dangerous for your health?


Toothpastes, face creams, body care, aftershave, deodorants... The products you use on a daily basis are regularly examined by consumer protection associations. 


Of course, not all beauty products are harmful, but some contain substances of concern. A report conducted by UFC-Que Choisir recently drew up a list of common cosmetic products with controversial ingredients in their composition. Many dermatologists and toxicologists are calling for caution. 


To protect your health, it is essential not to choose your cosmetic products randomly and to pay attention to the list of ingredients they are made of. Beware mainly of synthetic products, and favour natural products whenever possible. It is on these two principles that Miraclar's entire philosophy is based.


Beyond the controversies, some brands are doing very well


Every year, UFC-Que Choisir updates a list of all the controversial ingredients and products in the world of beauty. From one year to the next, the number of treatments to avoid tends to increase.


If the picture seems very bleak, there are still reasons to remain confident. While some major brands have been pinned down, Miraclar products have been spared. They do not contain the allergens found in the skin care products pointed out by the consumer association. Thus, toxic preservatives, sulphates, endocrine disruptors, or ingredients responsible for serious allergies are absent from Miraclar compositions.


Some consider that manufacturers could be more reactive on the subject. Indeed, from one year to the next, specialists estimate that 90% of the products on this list have not been transformed or improved. However, it should be noted that most of these substances are actually authorized on the French market because they comply with the regulations in place.


However, several brands have nonetheless chosen to apply the precautionary principle by excluding these ingredients that are potentially dangerous to health from their formulas. This is the case of Miraclar laboratories. They stand out, in fact, for their investment, which guarantees total transparency in terms of the components they use. While vigilance is generally required, Miraclar is worthy of the trust of its customers.


7 questions to ask yourself to take stock of cosmetics

To help you detect the presence or not of ingredients involved in your daily care, here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing your beauty products...


Which preservatives to avoid and why?


Preservatives are among the most allergenic ingredients. Some of them, such as MIT (methylisothiazolinone), have been particularly decried. "This allergy to MITexplose, we see one case per week in our department, which is a lot," says Professor Annick Barbaud, dermatologist at Nancy University Hospital. It is therefore advisable to choose products that do not contain it, such as those developed by Miraclar, for example. 


Phenoxyethanol is also suspected of causing worrying health problems when used in too high a dose. The amount used is always very important. Today, its presence is limited to 1% in adult products, a proportion that is widely respected in Miraclar skin care products such as day and night cream. This minimal concentration makes it harmless.


To avoid any unpleasant surprises, the safest solution is still to rely on brands such as Miraclar, whose products are mostly made from natural ingredients, so you can be sure that you are using safe skin care products.


Which Conservatives should be favoured?


These substances are increasingly vilified. However, you should be aware that there are now harmless preservatives available. Ethylparaben and methylparaben, for example, have been approved by French and European experts and can therefore be used with complete peace of mind. 


Tolerated by the skin, they are now accepted by consensus, even by brands working exclusively with natural ingredients. Sterile cosmetics are also gaining ground. It allows certain formulas to dispense with preservatives altogether. 


Finally, Ecocert certified products, such as the lip balm or the Miraclar micellar lotion, are also respectful of your health. To obtain this label, they are subjected to numerous laboratory tests and meet very precise specifications. Since 1991, Ecocert has been scrupulously controlling the quality of the ingredients and ensuring that they respect your body and the environment.



Should I choose a fragrance-free product?


To the question "should you choose a fragrance-free product", the recommended answer is "yes"! Indeed, it is an allergenic component that can cause reactions, especially skin reactions. Aromatic substances are generally not recommended, especially when your skin is sensitive. 

If their concentration is less than 0.001% in non-rinsed products and 0.01% in rinsed products, manufacturers are not obliged to indicate their presence. It is therefore better to be vigilant, as some essential oils contain them.


Why is a sulphate-free product preferred?


Sulphates are now being questioned, as they allow your shower gel or beauty care products to produce foam. Some of them can cause irritation for some users.


This is the case, for example, of ammonium lauryl sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate, not to be confused with sodium laureth sulphate, which is less aggressive. 


Preference should therefore be given to ingredients which do not contain synthetic foaming agents. Moreover, foaming is strictly useless in terms of washing. 



What about endocrine disruptors?


Endocrine disruptors are at the centre of all current controversies. They're accused of interfering with the normal functioning of your hormonal system. In the long term, they could lead to serious health repercussions that could even lead to cancer.


Again, it's all a matter of measurement. Only repeated exposure to endocrine disruptors or overdosing is dangerous. 


Some sunscreens are also suspected of having a hormonal impact. But don't worry: applied only when you are exposed to strong sunlight, they have no effect! In order not to harm your health, you simply must not abuse them.



What are the most allergenic products and why?


Used to protect the skin from dehydration, silicones should also attract your attention, as they are very allergenic. To recognize them, their name often ends in "one" or "donkey". If your skin is sensitive, it is better to choose skin care products based on silk proteins or cellulose derivatives, natural ingredients that also fight skin dryness. 


Considered more or less harmful according to studies, parabens are preservatives. Their guilt has certainly never been formally proven, but when in doubt, prefer products whose packaging bears the words "paraben-free", such as those developed by Miraclar laboratories. 


 Among the dyestuffs, those belonging to the azo family also pose a problem. To date, however, they are subject to very strict regulations, and the most dangerous of them have been withdrawn from the market.



Is organic cosmetics safer?


Although organic products must be made from more environmentally friendly substances, this does not mean that they are 100% non-allergenic. Indeed, to do without a single paraben, it is sometimes necessary to use a combination of four to five natural ingredients, which multiplies the risk of allergy. 


Nevertheless, this solution is still much safer than applying skin care products whose main ingredients are constantly being criticized by experts.



What is Miraclar's commitment?


In order to guarantee you optimal quality, Miraclar products are developed by a team of French doctors and surgeons. Scrupulously respecting the regulations, they never exceed the recommended quantities of allergenic components. 


Certified by the Ecocert Green Life label, they undergo multiple analyses and are rigorously studied. They essentially use natural ingredients, already present in your body, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin E. Special attention is paid to each of their production stages. 


In addition to the unique sensation they provide, Miraclar treatments are also highly effective thanks to their many exceptional active ingredients. Systematically dermatologically tested, they are guaranteed to be safe for your health, whatever your skin type.


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