Chapped lips: how to choose an effective lip balm?

An undeniable asset of sensuality, lips are also very sensitive. As the skin is particularly thin, they tend to be damaged and chapped without appropriate care. Beyond aesthetic considerations, chapping can also lead to a painful feeling of tightness. The best solution to combat these discomforts is to use a lip balm. Place it in your bathroom, purse or car to make sure you always have it on hand when you need it. But for it to be effective, you still need to know how to choose it well!

How to choose your lip balm according to your needs?


Let's start by saying that, devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands, lips have a very thin hydrolipidic film, unlike most of your body. Because of these particularities, they suffer all the more from everyday aggressions: UV rays, sudden temperature variations, uninterrupted movements, pollution, make-up, air conditioning, drying wind or even humidity linked to saliva...


Different needs


Not all lip balms are created equal. Some are richer in moisturizing or nourishing agents than others. The stickier the texture, the more beneficial a treatment is for very chapped or dry lips. As with all the other products you apply to your skin, it is therefore essential to adapt the choice of your lip balm to the specific characteristics and needs of your skin.

If your lips are not damaged, choose a non-greasy lip balm.


If you're looking for a balm just for prevention, but your lips don't suffer from chapping, a non-greasy formula will do the trick. It has the advantage of not being sticky and leaving no trace. On the other hand, it contains fewer moisturizing agents, which reduces its nourishing power.  


If your lips are very damaged, choose ingredients that are very moisturizing and nourishing.


On the other hand, if your lips are chapped and painful, it is better to opt for a richer treatment. Although more sticky, it offers a much more nourishing sensation and intensely protects your skin. Make sure that moisturizing agents with proven benefits are included in the formula of your balm, such as shea butter, for example. This natural ingredient is well known for its ability to repair the skin's surface and prevent relapses while preserving your skin.


What basic ingredients should be included in the composition of your lip balm?

You should pay particular attention to the composition of your lip balm. Like all cosmetic products, Miraclar lip balm must display a complete list of ingredients on its packaging, in ascending order of concentration. This is where you should look to find out the components of a product.  


A lip balm worthy of the name is required to contain a moisturizing agent with proven effectiveness. This can be shea butter, jojoba oil, or honey, to name a few. A repairing agent must also be included in the formula to treat already chapped lips. 

Similarly, wax is one of the key ingredients for effective lip care. Its presence improves the adherence of the balm to your lips and creates a protective veil that lasts for hours. 


Of course, Miraclar has attached particular importance to respecting these basic rules when developing its balm, with the aim of acting preventively, curatively and durably for your lips.


Which active ingredients should be preferred?


In addition to the traditional butters, waxes and vegetable oils, lip balms also contain active ingredients whose therapeutic effect helps to immediately soothe dryness. 


One of the most popular active ingredients is aloe vera, which has become an indispensable ingredient. Aloe vera is known for its highly moisturizing properties and is used in many lip care products. It is sometimes combined with other natural essences such as lavender, rose, geranium or cornflower, which are also known for their soothing effect. 


Similarly, if your lips are really dry and sensitive, it is advisable to adopt a care product based on calendula (also known as marigold). Often used in the form of an ointment, this ingredient has a strong healing power that will soothe and treat unpleasant feelings of tightness.


What should you avoid if you have chapped lips?


While all the advice given above can help you achieve healthy, radiant lips, there are other things you can do to avoid chapped lips.

 Lick your lips


Even though moistening your lips gives you an instant feeling of relief, be aware that this impression is misleading, and is actually a bad idea. Saliva contains enzymes that promote digestion and are therefore very drying. 


Tearing off dead skin


Similarly, if unsightly dead skin is present on your lips, it is better to perform a gentle exfoliation with a product specially designed for this purpose, rather than tearing it off with your fingertips. Removing them by hand can create micro-lesions on the surface of your lips, making the situation worse.


Using ingredients that are too astringent


Be aware that some lip balms, although they have a soothing effect, contain irritating chemicals. To avoid any risk of allergy, don't use lip balms based on menthol, peppermint or cinnamic aldehyde, a chemical compound that mimics the taste of cinnamon. In fact, avoid all scented balms as much as possible. Also, try to limit the presence of overly astringent ingredients such as lemon or salt in the foods you eat. 


Rinse your mouth with warm water


Finally, avoid using hot water when rinsing your mouth as it dissolves oils, which only removes the greasy film that protects your lips.

How do you keep your lips healthy?


Now that your lips have been repaired, the game seems to be won. But remember to incorporate these simple steps into your beauty routine so you don't have to go to such extremes:


- Continue to moisturize your lips daily with the right lip balm for your needs;

- Take care to nourish them by choosing ingredients with proven benefits;

- Carry out a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin and promote skin regeneration. 


These easy-to-follow habits will result in healthier skin and a renewed sense of well-being. Finally soothed, your lips will say thank you! 


How often should I apply the product for a satisfactory result?


For it to be effective, a lip balm should be applied at least once a day. So, after brushing your teeth, this is the step you should never forget! Indeed, toothpaste can be responsible for drying out the skin. The balm therefore stops this skin dryness, while forming a protective film on the surface of your lips. 


This advice is all the more valid if your skin tends to be very dry and your lips are damaged. In this case, don't hesitate to repeat the operation as often as necessary. Remember that you can never over-moisturize! 


Lip balm can also be used as a make-up base. As lipstick is a drying product, a treatment is all the more beneficial. Also, you can use it over lipstick throughout the day for added shine and comfort.


Since your skin regenerates most effectively at night, applying lip balm before going to bed only multiplies the benefits of this natural mechanism for an optimal effect.

 Opt for Miraclar Lip Balm and discover the benefits of its composition.


Now that you have a perfect knowledge of the active ingredients and the ingredients to use for the comfort of your lips, all you have to do is discover for yourself the quality of the Miraclar lip balm's formula. 


Developed in collaboration with dermatologists and doctors, this treatment contains shea butter with a rich and very nourishing texture. This component helps restore your skin barrier and relieve tightness. Its repairing power makes the skin softer and more supple with each use. 


To these benefits are added those of argan oil, an ingredient enriched with vitamin E and fatty acids. Its properties are essential to nourish your lips and fight against external aggressions. The honey contained in this balm, meanwhile, purifies and moisturizes deep down. A true ally of your beauty, this natural antioxidant is extremely effective! 


Miraclar Lip Balm is also certified organic. As a result, it does not include any superfluous elements in its formula. Its composition contains no synthetic colouring agents, preservatives or perfumes. As always, Miraclar favours the use of natural ingredients, and its balm is made entirely in France. This is a further guarantee of quality and compliance with current European regulations.


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