MIRACLAR Paris: who are we?

Our history

Miraclar Paris is a cosmetics brand, created in May 2017. It was born from the desire to offer women unique and quality products, the result of several years of research. Elaborated by a team of experienced doctors and surgeons from the world of aesthetics and beauty, Miraclar's treatments are in harmony with the environment and the new lifestyles of each one of you.

Constantly listening to women and their daily needs in terms of beauty, Miraclar Paris Laboratories work tirelessly to improve the quality of care. Our experts are inspired by the properties and virtues of exclusive ingredients to provide cosmetics that meet the requirements of all skin types.

We make a point of honor to manufacture our products in France, from the study realized in full heart of Paris, until their manufacture in a factory dedicated to the cosmetics in the south of France. All Miraclar treatments have the label "Made in France", a guarantee of quality, master of scientific know-how and compliance with current European and French legislation.

Our products

The experts of Miraclar Paris Laboratories pay particular attention to all stages of the production of our care, from formulations to packaging. Their great requirement allows developing quality products with an optimal efficiency, by respecting all type of skins. Our cosmetics also have a more sensory side that transforms the beauty routine into a moment of pleasure.

With their innovative formulas and composed of exceptional active ingredients, we seek to meet the daily needs, day and night, of all women. Thus, our day cream has an anti-pollution, moisturizing and protective action, while the night cream moisturizes and nourishes deeply to accelerate the regeneration of the skin. Care at Miraclar Laboratories does not contain paraben, silicones, alcohol or dyes. With the combination of all these precious ingredients, the face finds its radiant and healthy complexion.

All our cosmetics are routinely tested to ensure perfect safety. We work with powerful active ingredients that are finely selected for their safety. The satisfaction of our consumers is very important to us, and we strive to create care that meets their expectations.

Let yourself be tempted by our "miracle" recipe creams!