A question that everyone regularly asks themselves: but what is the right beauty routine morning and evening for perfect skin? Several key steps must be followed. Miraclar Laboratories presents them to you.

The morning beauty routine


To prepare the skin to face the external aggressions it undergoes throughout the day, three simple steps are to be followed every morning. The first consists in cleansing the epidermis with a product chosen according to the skin type (gel, lotion, milk...). This moment allows to remove the residues of impurities and sebum accumulated during the night. The face, healthier and purified, will assimilate much better the next treatments.


During the second phase of the morning routine, the use of a lotion applied with a cotton pad or thermal water directly sprayed over the entire face, gently wakes up the dermis. The product, adapted to the skin type, erases signs of fatigue such as dark circles and bags around the eyes and provides initial hydration. Finally, during the last step, you should apply your day cream with simple and gentle gestures for a complete penetration of the care into the skin.


Miraclar's day cream contains several unique active ingredients such as organic silicon, collagen and vitamin E that provide a high dose of hydration to the epidermis. Deeply nourished, protected from free radicals and fighting against skin ageing, the face regains its daily comfort. For this reason, this ideal product should be integrated into your morning routine to take good care of your skin.


Taking care of your skin in the evening


Unlike in the morning, the evening routine has an extra but equally important step: make-up removal. It is essential not to forget this and to use the right products to remove all traces of make-up that prevent the skin from breathing properly. Once this phase is complete, cleansing the face with cold water and a skin care product - ideally without soap to avoid the side that is too drying and irritating for sensitive skin - helps to remove the last remaining impurities and sebum.


At night, skin temperature drops, making it more receptive to the care provided during the night routine. Moisturizing your skin before bedtime is essential and can be done in two simple steps. The first step is to apply a serum that penetrates deep into the epidermis. The latter, better prepared, assimilates the night care applied afterwards, whose action is also reinforced thanks to the serum. The shea butter and avocado oil that make up Miraclar's night cream moisturize, nourish and protect the skin perfectly against the first signs of aging.


The essential lip moisturizer

In winter as in summer, the lips cannot defend themselves against external aggressions because they have very few sebaceous and sweat glands. These are responsible for creating a hydrolipidic film that protects the skin on a daily basis. For this reason, lips dry faster and it is important to remember to moisturise them regularly to avoid this phenomenon. A treatment with ingredients of natural and vegetal origin, such as Miraclar Organic Lip Balm with Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Honey, is recommended so that this fine and delicate area regains its suppleness and reduces sensations of discomfort and tightness. In addition, a suitable product facilitates the application of lipstick and improves its hold.


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